Terms and Conditions between

French Language Learning Club, Coventry Enquiry@FrenchLanguageLearningClub.co.uk “the teacher”
and the parent/guardian of "your child"

1. All fees in relation to the half- term should be paid prior to the start of the half term, on the first day back to the lesson, after which we reserve the right to charge £1.00 per week extra for non-payment and if there is persistent delay, may require the pupil’s removal from the class.

2. All fees are subject to revision from time to time, reasonable notice being given in respect of any such revision.

3. All textbooks and CDs are an integral part of the course. No pupil is allowed to continue with the lessons if the relevant workbook has not been purchased for him/her.
This is to ensure your child is using the correct resources and it does not impact the very high quality ofFrench Language Learning Club teaching method.

All books are to be purchased and paid for within the first week of starting the course or by the deadline given to you by the teacher-No refund will be made once the order has been placed.

4. All fees must be made payable to the teacher. If you wish to pay by cash, please make sure the money is in a sealed envelope with the name of your child and his/her group.
The sealed envelope should then be given to the teacher. A receipt is available on request, by the teacher via Email. BACS transfer are the preferred choice for the French Language Learning Club, please use your child's name as a reference.

5. No remission of fees will be given for your child’s absence, his/her place is allocated and secured until his return to the class, up to the end of that half-term.
Please do notify absences where possible via emails, phone calls or text messages on 07846611193.

6. Should you decide to withdraw your child from classes before the end of the school year, the teacher requires a half term’s written notice.

7. The teacher reserves the right to require the removal of your child if he/she has not maintained satisfactory standards of conduct or whose presence in the class is held to be disruptive and undesirable and the teacher will notify you should this problem arise. Removal of your child will only take place as a last resort after all other avenues of help & support has been given.

8. During bad weather you are advised to contact the teacher before setting out to check whether the classes are running. If the class is unable to run, alternative dates will be offered to replace missed lessons.

9. The teacher is only responsible for children within the classroom during scheduled class hours, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is collected on time.

Parents/Carers are responsible to make contact with the teacher direct should you anticipate further delay after the end of the lesson, extra charges will apply at the rate of:
£2.50 per 15 minutes or £5.00 per half-hour or £10.00 per hour payable on the day.

10. Should your child suffer from a medical condition requiring special care please inform the teacher in writing at the enrolment stage.

11. From time to time the teacher may introduce French food into the classes to demonstrate a French snack, for example. Please state on the reply slip whether your child suffers from any food or drink allergies, e.g. nuts, milk, etc., giving full details.

12. Parents are required to fully complete the enrollment for with the most accurante information, focusing on emergency contact details.

13. Should children arrive at the French lesson with a bumps or similar injuries that occured during school hours, French Language Learning Club does not take any responsabilities of consequences of these injuries, however, it is the duty of the parents/carers to inform the teacher at the beginning of the lesson to ensure the welfare of your child is maintain.

14. The teacher may wish to involve the local press on occasion, when presenting certificates to the children or when holding special events to promote the classes.
We require your permission before your child’s name and photograph can appear in print.
Please state your authorisation when registering your child/children.

14. When paying invoices means that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions as stated above.