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Meet the team

Lydia Kingdom is originally from France and was brought up in the city of Poitiers.

She is the founder of French Language Learning Club.

The seeds of her passion of languages very soon flourished into the positive benefit of teaching and speaking her mother tongue to her children while living abroad.

Lydia has acquired over 20 years of professional experience in England (Bath and Coventry).
She worked in the Hotel, Catering and Agricultural industry.
Her principal roles were within Management, procurement, project development and translation/interpretation.
Lydia has now gained three years teaching experience and is looking to undertake further studies within Bilingualism in childhood (BSC).

Born, breed and educated in France, she grew up in a multi-cultural environment which has had a major influence in her ideas and to date’s achievement.

She says “my existing client’s base is a new generation; many British families recognised the importance and benefits for their children in learning another language. I am thrilled families choose French! "

A bientôt
Mme Kingdom